Online Authentication
ID cards become online security tokens

How do I implement PassWindow?

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Recommended system integrators


United Kingdom

Assanka is an award-winning web application developer based in Shepherd's Bush, London. Consistently producing high-quality, stylish web application solutions for a wide array of clients, Assanka has placed itself at the cutting edge of web and mobile technologies.

Assanka was the earliest adopter of PassWindow technology, which stands as testament to their dynamic, progressive attitude.

Contact Assanka for your PassWindow needs in the United Kingdom.
SYNCREA enterprise communications

SYNCREA Enterprise Communications

Portugal, Angola, Cape Verde

SYNCREA Enterprise Communications, S.A is a global provider of business solutions in the world of Information and Communication Technologies.

Founded in 2010, SYNCREA also holds the title of Primary Representative for Siemens Enterprise Communications for Portugal, Angola and Cape Verde.

In just one year, SYNCREA has quickly evolved into a multi-brand IT integrator and distributor, successfully carrying out projects for all of Portugal's top fifty largest companies. Its operations are now also being extended to Angola and Cape Verde.

In addition to PassWindow, SYNCREA has a strong focus on unified communications solutions, datacenters, videoconferencing, networking, contact centers and voice portals.

Contact SYNCREA Enterprise Communications for your PassWindow needs in Portugal, Angola, and Cape Verde

Soliton Networks Technology

Middle East

Soliton Networks is an excellent system integrator with local offices in the Middle East, Taiwan and Singapore. Dealing in a broad array of products and solutions, Soliton Networks has established team of engineers in the Middle East region to act specifically to provide comprehensive PassWindow system integration and services at a local level.

Contact Soliton Networks Technology for your PassWindow needs in the Middle East
Connect Systems

Connect Systems

Egypt, Saudi Arabia

Connect Systems is a provider of system integration services in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

In operation for more than 18 years, Connect Systems offers a trusted product integration services from an extensive array of vendors, acting as a local representative for many respected names in the IT world.

"Our Mission is to emphasize the roadmap of our predecessors in availing the latest IT and security systems technology solutions. We believe in setting high standards for our performance and ethical conduct. Our customer satisfaction policy is based on customer care and support services based on the strong relationships we build with our customers."

Contact Connect Systems for your PassWindow needs in Egypt and Saudi Arabia

Recommended card manufacturers

dz card

Asia, India, Europe, America

dz card has been a pioneer with PassWindow since the beginning, playing an important role in the research and development of PassWindow card printing techniques. If you are thinking about deploying PassWindow and wish to get specific cost estimates for card production, dz card will be happy to help you.

dz card is one of the world's major card manufacturers, creating cards of a superior standard for many large financial institutions and other organizations throughout Europe and Asia.

Contact dz card for your PassWindow card manufacturing needs

How will PassWindow work with our existing systems?

PassWindow is a simple and affordable authentication system that can be easily integrated into your existing online security systems.

Implementing the PassWindow challenge interface is as simple as adding a few lines of code to your existing login page and installing a local PassWindow authentication server – no specialized hardware or software is required at the user's end.

With the PassWindow authentication method, your users are not locked into a specific authentication requirement.
PassWindow can be easily configured from banking-level security authentication and transaction verification to simply securing your company email accounts or website logins.

You set your own security requirements on the secure PassWindow authentication server.

PassWindow is a breakthrough in affordability, security, and ease of use:

Successful PassWindow implementations


The ExportID business network has implemented a PassWindow authentication module to protect more than 25,000 of their international export agents.

This focused business community is a prime target for online criminals with the extremely high value international transactions that take place online on the network. PassWindow was the only cost effective authentication method which could also authenticate the server to the user and initial user reports are extremely positive.


A new entrant into the authentication services market, ShieldPass is the first organization to provide a remotely hosted PassWindow-based two-factor authentication service for individuals and small groups. It's the first organization to provide this level of true, physical-token-based two-factor authentication at such a competitive price.

ShieldPass allows fast and easy integration into existing websites without having to implement a fully-fledged PassWindow system. Many plugins for popular services, such as WordPress, are constantly being developed.